April Showers Bring May Flowers

ask-deanie.jpgPerhaps on a college campus, it should read, “April Showers May Bring Flowers.”

Similar to the skills gardeners exhibit growing spectacular flowers, it takes extra effort and determination, good study habits, a healthy lifestyle … combined with support – not pressure – from home to attain increased success in the classroom, or at least save a semester from “heading down the tube.” Here are some tips to help your students position themselves for success!

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Ask Deanie: Setting Your Watch on Hawaii Time

ask-deanie-sm.jpg“Hawaii time” is a phenomenon experienced by parents when their students come home from college for holiday breaks. Parents find themselves getting ready for bed at the same time their student is preparing to go out for the evening.

On “Hawaii time,” parents awaken at the normal time, straighten the house and go to the office long before their students even wake up (usually around noon). Students prefer to participate in family activities later in the day, about the time parents are returning home and beginning to wind down. Your dinner may be their lunch. Students may expect to be fed at all hours of the day or night; i.e., whenever they get hungry, and don’t be surprised if they make plans to see friends without ever thinking to consult those at home first.

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Ask Deanie: Fall Breakout: An End of Term Checklist

ask-deanie-sm.jpgYikes! It is November already, and the Fall term is more than half over. Continuing enrollment is nearing; many upperclassmen have already re-registered.

Meeting and talking with one’s adviser is a very important step in the registration process. Students should “go prepared” to the meeting with their adviser – do not expect that he or she can read a student’s mind. A student should have a list of classes they are interested in taking, and they should have early thoughts about potential majors. If a student is interested in SMU study abroad, questions about classes offered at the various venues should be discussed with the adviser as well.

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Ask Deanie: The Homesick Blues

ask-deanie-sm.jpgThe “up and down” life of college students today is fascinating to watch. We all probably went through many of the same things our students are experiencing when we were 18 or 19 years old, but the feelings we had back then are gone from our memory bank. Left are only the visions of “the good times.” Little do we remember vividly about the sad times, the upset times, the “feeling blue” times.

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Ask Deanie: Ups and Downs are Normal the First Year

ask-deanie-sm.jpgFor students across the country at colleges and universities of all sizes, certain times in the academic year tend to be more challenging than others. Parents who understand the “ups and downs” of their student’s first year will be better equipped to help them negotiate the challenges they will face transitioning to SMU. Below are some very typical issues students face during their first year:

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