A message from President Turner regarding Hurricane Harvey

Dear SMU family member,

Our SMU community has watched with alarm and sadness since Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast on Friday, leaving widespread suffering, loss and destruction in its wake.

Our deepest sympathy goes to all who are feeling the impact of this disaster, including SMU families and students whose loved ones and homes are in the affected regions.

We have communicated with students about SMU resources here to support them. These include confidential counselors at SMU Counseling Services, which can be reached at 214-768-2277. An emergency contact number is provided 24 hours a day. Counseling Services is located in the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center, and appointments are free. The Chaplain’s Office, located in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center, also provides confidential counseling and can be reached at 214-768-4502.

Through SMU’s Caring Community Connections (CCC) program, family members, faculty, staff and fellow students can submit any concerns about students’ well-being in order to connect them with help. The CCC form is online: smu.edu/StudentAffairs/StudentLife/CCC.

SMU has reached out to Rice University and the University of Houston to offer assistance. In addition, many in our SMU community are offering prayers, support and donations to those who have been affected. I believe our community will continue to find ways to help as needs evolve in Dallas and across the state.

Among these efforts, the SMU Student Senate is raising funds for disaster relief, with the goal of providing a significant donation to the relief effort from the SMU community. The students’ “Help 4 Houston” effort will last for four days – through Saturday, September 2.

In the days and weeks ahead, SMU will continue to monitor this unprecedented disaster, as well as state and local relief efforts and needs. The SMU community stands with our Gulf Coast students, families and neighbors. We will continue to send our prayers and support.


R. Gerald Turner