Ask Deanie: Wrapping up the academic year

ask-deanie.jpg What should students do before they depart campus in May? I hope these tips will help make the transition to summer a bit easier.

Forward mail to summer address.
Pay fines for any overdue library books.
• Resell textbooks back to the bookstore.
• Clean their residence hall room or apartment to avoid penalty fees.
Return all keys in the proper manner to avoid penalty fees.
• After finals, get a good night’s sleep before driving long distances home.
• If your student needs to store items over the summer, see “Summer storage” below.

Graduating seniors should do all of the above, PLUS:

• Request a refund on any remaining Pony Cash dollars. (Dollars roll over for all undergraduates.)
• Pick up robes for Commencement.
• See SMU’s Commencement Web site for complete graduation information.
• If you have student loans, check with Enrollment Services for the repayment schedule.
• Complete the Graduation Survey that was emailed to you by May 12. If you have any questions about the survey, send them to

Continue reading for summer storage information:

Summer storage

Students can pack and haul their belongings and use any of several storage places around campus. They’ll need a car for this, since none of the storage facilities is within walking distance of the residence halls. Students can ask about discounts for SMU students, such as half off the second month. The rates vary, depending on size and whether the units are air-conditioned. It all depends on what you are packing.

Most of the storage places sell boxes, tape and bubble wrap, although you can probably get these things at area retail stores for less.

  • Pony Up, has been the moving and storage partner of the SMU Mothers’ and Dads’ Clubs for years. They will deliver boxes to residence halls for those renting storage space; when boxes are packed, Pony Up will send a truck to pick them up. Delivery back to campus or apartment in the fall is included. For details and pricing, call Manager Ivan Philip at 214-558-4401.
  • Public Storage units can be rented with a roommate or friend at Mockingbird Station (closest to campus); call 214-828-9542.
  • Life Storage is near Greenville and Lovers; call 855-928-1106.
  • Door to Door Storage will drop a storage unit in a parking space on campus. After students load it up, Door to Door picks it up and, in August, will drop it back for the fall semester. Permission and location of storage unit must be arranged in advance with the Parking and ID Card Services office (214-768-7275). Call 972-484-6360 or toll free 888-366-7222 (extension 1) for Door to Door Storage.
  •, 972-250-1100, will move belongings from the resident hall or apartment, store it for the summer and return it in August. For a price, they will even do the packing.

The semester certainly has gone by quickly. My best wishes to all!

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