Ask Deanie: The Holidays Are Upon Us

ask-deanie-sm.jpg Parents, it is time to mark your calendars. Thanksgiving is upon us, followed immediately by finals and the end of the semester.

Two of the most important school days of the entire semester are the Monday and Tuesday before the Thanksgiving holiday – encourage your son or daughter to be in class! These two days enable students to ask questions about pending papers and upcoming tests while demonstrating to the professor their interest in the classroom material.

After Thanksgiving, there are only a few days of class before reading/study days and final exams. Check dates on the academic calendar. If your son or daughter is staying on campus over Thanksgiving, be sure they tell their RA and Hall Director that they will be in the residence hall. There is always staff on call.

Thanksgiving, as well as the long winter break, provides students with some much-needed R&R, but both breaks can be stressful as well. The pressures of finishing a paper and studying for finals may be as important to your son or daughter as the activities you have planned. Be sure to consult with them on all holiday plans, and realize that they may be eager to reconnect with high school friends while they are home.

Most students will have at least a month at home before the start of the Spring term. Enjoy this time with your son or daughter. They do grow up fast!

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