April Showers Bring May Flowers

ask-deanie.jpgPerhaps on a college campus, it should read, “April Showers May Bring Flowers.”

Similar to the skills gardeners exhibit growing spectacular flowers, it takes extra effort and determination, good study habits, a healthy lifestyle … combined with support – not pressure – from home to attain increased success in the classroom, or at least save a semester from “heading down the tube.” Here are some tips to help your students position themselves for success!

Encourage them to meet with each of their professors to go over the end of term requirements and discuss best study strategies. (Remember, in college, the term “extra credit” is usually not an option for increasing GPAs.)

Remind them to follow advice from the experts to eat well, get enough sleep and to exercise. Use of any illegal substances should be avoided!

Do finals inspire terror in your student’s mind? Are they concerned about how to get everything done in a relatively short amount of time? Students can take charge of their semester by visiting the Learning Enhancement Center’s website for dates and times for the “Preparing for Finals” workshops. Study support includes:

• Time management
• Test preparation strategies
• How to handle remaining assignments
• A thorough review of each course

Students will leave with a tentative written “battle plan” covering each task and each day through the end of finals.

Encourage your student to find a quiet place to study. Remind them to call the “Giddy-Up” Carts for a ride to the residence hall if they are studying in one of the libraries after dark.

Finally, as a parent, shower them with support, shower them with your trust, and just for fun send a care package of their favorite food or a fun stress reliever as well as a card or note of encouragement.

Happy Gardening!

Question for Deanie? Ask Deanie at gkepler@smu.edu or 214-768-4797.