‘Rights Are Different From Mere Courtesies’: SMU Law Prof.

During his State of the Union address Dec. 6, President Obama suggested linking firearm-sale databases with the nation’s no-fly list could help prevent future acts of terrorism. In response, a compelling thought:

“As a matter of law, and as a core value of our democratic republic, we believe that rights are different than mere courtesies. Your rights to freedom of speech, to possess a firearm, to free movement, are not held at the grace and favor of the government, state or federal. … So it’s particularly disturbing … that for issues so important we would call them a constitutional right, we’re willing to have them whisked away by a list not only very difficult to determine its accuracy or success rate, but every step of the way the Department of Justice has opposed the attempts of those who feel they’re wrongly on the list to clear their names.”

SMU Dedman School of Law Prof. Jeffrey Kahn, an American constitutional law and counterterrorism expert interviewed today by “Texas Standard” host David Brown. To hear the segment (from about 2:39 to 8:09), visit http://bit.ly/1NExLR5.


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