Valve Software VP Doug Lombardi with the SMU Guildhall

Doug Lombardi, Steam VP, with the SMU Guildhall, 2015Valve Software executive and digital gaming insider Doug Lombardi joined the SMU Guildhall for a spirited talk on growing opportunities for independent game designers and what it takes to get a game ready for the marketplace. The event was broadcast live on Twitch.

During his talk, “Ship Something: The Steam Greenlight Process,” Lombardi shared his wisdom on both gaming and life:

On taking pride in process: “Even if you’re not charging for content, it represents you. When you ship something, you learn something.”

On setting aside egos when dealing with disagreement: “If the product wins, everyone wins.”

On making important decisions, whether about a project or your life: “Step back, take a time out. This isn’t basketball. You get more than five per half.”

On taking risks: “You’re more free now than you ever will be…. Now is your time to take risks…to learn what doesn’t work.”

On making the most of your education: “Be a sponge for info from your professors and colleagues. Someday, their advice could be the best you’ve ever heard.”

— Kathleen Tibbetts

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