2022 Fall Break Trip

Fall Break is one of the many great things about SMU. It gives students a much-needed cushion to destress as their classes get harder. And what better way to spend those extra days than a backpacking trip in Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas? This year, Outdoor Adventure hosted 9 students on a 3-day 2-night experience. Most of these students had never camped before the trip. Some did not know how to set up a tent. Thanks to the experience of the Outdoor Leadership of the program, students were able to learn several necessary skills to have success in the wilderness.

The trip consisted of critical lessons, leisure time, and opportunities to bond with fellow students. The first night was spent playing card games, doing yoga, and getting to know each other. The second day challenged everyone with a 4.7-mile hike, which finished with settling at a campsite with a waterfall. To answer your question, yes, the students swam near the waterfall. The trip ended with a 3.9-mile hike to another trailhead, where the leaders picked up the students in the SMU van and headed home.

Ouachita National Forest is extraordinary. The trees in Dallas do not show much change in color, but the fall season in Arkansas possesses several beautiful shades of red, green, and yellow. It is an undeniable beauty. One of the hidden beauties about this backpacking trip is the lack of disturbance. Having no service sounds scary, especially for you introverts out there, but you may find that it is just what you need to reset yourself before Fall Break ends. An outdoor adventure may be what you need, so come explore!

Kamran Farid- Trip Leader, SMU Outdoor Adventures.

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