Spring 2017 Rock Climbing Day trip

At 6:45 in the morning a group of SMU students and alumni met in the rental shop to leave for Lake Mineral Wells State Park.  We left filled with excitement, Red Bull, and a new understanding of why dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate.  On the van ride there, we called the State Park when they opened at 8 hoping they would be open for climbing, and to our delight, they were! When we arrived we quickly checked in, met the lovely employees, and went straight to the crag to set up anchors.  It was now a battle against gravity for the participants.

They struggled up the limestone cliffs jamming their hands and feet in cracks and putting chalk on their hands to shield against the rough rocks.  It was certainly a test of their strength and willpower.  Did they send the routes you ask? Absolutely they did.  They were sending them all over the place!  After a couple hours of joyous climbing it was time for lunch.  With a gentle breeze and gorgeous weather to accompany us, we divulged in chips and guacamole, cheese sticks, and delicious sandwiches.  We quickly refueled and set out for another session on the rock.

Our participants continued to send route after route.  No one wanted to leave, so we just kept climbing!  However, all good days come to an end and it eventually did come time to leave.  We packed all the gear up and headed back to Dallas.  On the way home, we stopped and got some delicious milkshakes for the road.  With an appreciation for nature and sugary dairy treats we arrived back to campus tired, but satisfied with the day’s adventure.

  • Colton Ciavarra – SMU OLT

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