Rock Climbing day Trip

Getting up bright and early  on Saturday, Nov 10, for the trip would have to have been the only downside to the whole experience, but those feelings quickly evaporated in the first morning rays of sunshine on the highway towards Mineral Wells State Park. With the van full to the brim, everyone quickly became acquainted even before we stopped for some morning donuts! 

By the time we arrived, we noticed that Mineral Wells climbing site (penitentiary hollow) was already saturated  by boy scouts on their very own climbing day trip, so we quickly set up our own anchors to make sure we had guaranteed walls to climb!

We climbed for a good few hours, shifting between different anchor points at the park, climbing on the rock wall faces, overhangs and even some real crack-climbing.

We had our lunch on a picnic bench not too far from the climbing area, with deli meat sandwiches, fruit, and some chips accompanied by nice, cold, refreshing beverages. We took out the slack-line and played around for a bit until we were ready for round two of climbing!

After a couple more hours of climbing different rock wall faces, we headed back to SMU.. But not before taking a pit-stop for some amazing malt shakes to finish our journey on a sweet note!

We arrived back at SMU with some good laughs, and sad goodbyes, but all happy to have gone through this experience together… and just in time for the football game!

Manuel Familiar, David Graham, Josh Munguia and Grant Ryden-  SMU Outdoor Adventure Leaders in Training.


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