Zip Lining Day trip

A Brief Glimpse at Flight
This past Saturday (April 2) a few SMU members along with myself settled down in the van for a drive to New York, TX for a day of zip lining. We arrived at the location fairly early, and had plenty of time to take in the gorgeous view from atop that small mountain. Soon, it was time to put on our harnesses and take a brief class on how not to crash into trees, and away we went. The first couple of lines were fairly short, but I’m sure that was just to give everyone a few practices at breaking and slowing down before we got to the big 800 and 900 foot lines! Those were a couple pretty incredible rides. We were up near the tops of the trees, watching the scenery pass by beneath us. It was truly a breathtaking experience! After our “flights”, we sat down on this amazing patio outlook and had a nice picnic lunch with a view of the country. We still returned to SMU at 2 o’clock; not a bad way to start out a day!

Stephen Hayden, SMU OA Trip Leader

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