SMU Climbing Wall Events and Updates

First, a little promotion…Midnight Cosmic Costume Climbing this Friday, October 29, at the Dedman Center from 11 pm to 1 am. The wall will be decorated with lights, music, food, and climbing all for nothing out of your pocket. Must be able to get into the Dedman Center.

Second, we are beginning to have new members inducted into the Climbing Wall’s Mile High Club by completing the Mile High Challenge…summit teams (2 climbers) or solo climb 5280 vertical feet by November 20. Honors for completing the challenge first for the Fall 2010 semester go to solo climber Matt Coates and summit team (2 climbers) RamRod of Robert Keith and Hunter Higgins. In addition, Jordan Lee (solo), Edward Maguire (solo) and summit team One One Oh of Erica Gliga and Kira Ramani have all successfully completed the challenge. Congratulations to all and for all those still striving. Plenty of time so keep on climbing!

We would also like to congratulate the Intramural Climbing Competition winners and competitors. The placement looks like this:

Mens Pebble (Beginner)
1. Mike Alberts 5040
2. Gerald Fawcett 4800 (2 falls)
3. Josh Moore 4800 (5 falls)
4. Jack Dowling 720

Men Gravel (intermediate)
1. Connor Bell 6060

Women Pebble (Beginner)
1. Paige Parker/Jade Pierpont 800
2. Katherine Worwa 720

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