When we think of the United States Armed Forces, what comes to mind? What vision do you envision? Do you see yourself as one of the fine men and women who chose to be a part of the military? Do you hear the words “congratulation” shout out to our men and women of the military?  Do you hear the president and former presidents of the United States telling our military men and women, “Thank you for your service?”  Transgender people are citizens of the United States that chose to join the Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines, as well as the United States Coast Guard.

When ones joined the military there a binding oath that is spoken openly and never privately. As an enlistee or officer you are bound to these words “ “I, (state your name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…” Take time what the oath is requiring.

In the documentary, Transmilitary is about being transgender in the U.S. military. The documentary brings into question the military basis towards transgender, gay, lesbian people within the United States armed forces. Transmilitary is giving military members a platform to speak from to address the issues between sexuality acceptance vs military performance. The documentary shows how the transgender community is banned, pushed out, and in the military. They do not know what tomorrow will bring? The story follows four trans individuals as they navigate their lives and careers while serving in the military.

I will be honest, when the president of these United States congratulates the men and women of the military, I assume he believes he is addressing heterosexuals. What you do not hear inclusion in how we address all members of the military in ways that no matter what orientation one choose they can feel acknowledge. We need to make sure no one is excluded from being thanked for their contribution to our military.

The military need to learn from it past that segregation or separation because of differences did not make our military stronger, but weaker. When come together then can we be strong! The military use separate black soldiers from white soldiers in doing so trust was hard to do for the military people and without trust how can we fight the battle that on the outside while fighting a battle that is raging on the inside. The military today is treating people who are transgender, gay or lesbian like the negro soldier just not too long ago. The military reason for their action is just an excuse to why they should not be there and as like the negro soldier’s transgender people have made the military better by defying the odds.

Our country and our constitution are placed we call home and where we can find protection. All those in the military are trained to protect America’s interest and American shores. The country that transgender people chose to support and defend. They find themselves fighting against the same country that will not fight for them.  By the way, I left a part out from the oath that binds military personnel and that is “So help me God”. I wonder are the military leaders asking for God’s help or acting from their own bias. Where is God in our military leaders, where is their compassing, patience, baring, forgiveness and love? Our federal department and agencies in the U.S. including the CIA and the FBI allows transgender personnel why not our military?

People are worried about transgender people bringing humanity to extinction. Transgender will not extinct humanity hate will.