Minimizing Delays: New Account Permission Request Forms

To streamline processes for requesting, approving and assigning access for new employees to email, Box, Sharepoint, my.SMU, network drives and other platforms, last year the Office of Operational Excellence established the Account Permissions Initiative earlier this year. In August, the initiative team launched a series of new account permission request forms available via The forms have been redesigned to ensure all required information is submitted with the request to minimize delays caused by incomplete forms. The team created help guides for each of the forms to assist managers in completion.

The forms or their fields may not appear different to managers submitting requests, but the process to assign permissions was completely overhauled. “In many cases, a single request would involve multiple teams,” said Rachel Mulry, project manager for the initiative team. “This, of course, required more time to complete as the request moved from team to team through the workflow. With the new processes, we’ve minimized the number of teams needed for approval or interaction with the request. In some cases, we have been able to eliminate any need to involve other external teams at all!”

OIT is now managing account request submissions and aims to fulfill them in under a week. “For those processes requiring training prior to any permissions being assigned, we have enhanced the communication to both the manager and the employee, enabling them to assist us in completing the permissions in a timely manner,” said Mulry. “We are closely monitoring the improved process and working on completing the request within the timeframe outlined by the established service level agreement.” Prior to the redesign, account workflows were requiring an average of 9.5 days to complete. Since they were implemented, requests are now being completed in 4.6 days on average.

The initiative team continues to work on automating permissions assignments based on job classifications and roles. “We recognize there is a significant amount of work to be completed before we can realize that goal,” said Mulry. “In the meantime, we will continue to refine the processes to ensure all employees have the access and training required to fulfill their job responsibilities at SMU.”


Account Permissions Initiative

When a new employee is hired at SMU, the process to create their necessary accounts complete with appropriate permissions is complex. Although the employee base account is created automatically, supervisors must still request permissions to the various applications needed.

Currently, there are several different processes for approving and assigning the permission for an account based on the application and business units involved. Due to the complexity of some of the existing workflow processes, a request for permissions can easily take up to two or three weeks to process leaving some employees on the job without the permissions they need to do their work.

To address these issues and to reduce the amount of time between the submission of a request and the assignment of permissions, the Office of Operational Excellence has created the Account Permissions Initiative. The team will be led by project manager Rachel Mulry (OIT) and hopes to submit a first draft of improvements to the Operational Excellence Executive Committee by this summer.

Account Permissions Team Members

Project Manager: Rachel Mulry (OIT)

Yvette Castilla (Finance)

George Finney (OIT)

Curt Herridge (OIT)

Anna Kandasamy (OIT)

Jacqueline McKethan (OIT)

Lauren Nelson (OIT)

Joe Papari (Enrollment Services)

Josh Ruiz (OIT)

Marjorie Rush (Payroll)