Repurposed Property Initiative is Building Offers Since Launch

Recently, the Operational Excellence Repurposed Property Initiative team launched two email listservs to enable SMU departments to share surplus office supplies and furniture. Faculty and staff sign up for the listservs voluntarily and can claim items posted for campus use for no charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

The response to the listservs has been great. The office supply listserv has 304 participants and the furniture exchange has 194. So far, over 50 offerings have been distributed to the office supply group and only 12 of them were not claimed. The furniture exchange listserv has had 20 postings (includes multiples) and 12 of them have been claimed.

“Even though the lists are in their infancy, it is great to see that people are interested in saving money on supplies and furniture,” said Karie Conklin, project manager for the initiative and assistant to SMU’s chief information officer. “As an added benefit, it is nice to know that we are also reducing waste by finding new homes for supplies and furniture instead of sending them to a landfill.”

Registration for both listservs is ongoing. To join in the cost-saving and waste-reducing action, subscribe to the office supply exchange and the furniture exchange

By Nick Rallo