Sign Up For Office Supply Listserv

You are invited to participate in SMU’s new Surplus Office Supply listserv.

The Repurposed Property Initiative Team, under the direction of the Office of Operational Excellence, has announced their first two recommendations, including a voluntary listserv where participants receive email notices of available surplus office supplies in new or gently used condition.  Listserv participants who wish to have the items being offered for on campus use may claim them on a first-come, first serve basis for no charge.  The office supply exchange listserv is designed to match up SMU employees on campus with supply needs with those who have extra, and to save departments on purchases.  As you clean out your supply closets and storage areas, we invite you to use this tool to find new homes for your unwanted materials and/or claim other supplies you need for your work on campus. 

Sign up for the surplus office supplies listserv today!  

To subscribe email:

Subject: SurplusOfficeSupplies listserv (TEST)

You’ll receive three emails:

1. When you send the join email you’ll receive an email telling you that the membership is pending approval

2. Then you’ll receive the welcome notice with instructions on posting items.

3. Finally an automated message from lyris telling you that you’re approved

We hope you will participate and encourage your colleagues to join as well.  Our goal is to help save the university money and at the same time be environmentally conscious. 

Coming soon!: The Repurposed Property Initiative is looking forward to introducing our solution for repurposing office furniture this fall.  Stay tuned…

Questions? Contact:

Karie Conklin, Project Manager

Repurposed Property Initiative Team

Operational Excellence


By Nick Rallo