Data Governance Committees Begin Assignments

In April, President Turner announced the creation of two new committees to address issues of data governance at SMU. The newly formed groups aid SMU’s transition to a more enhanced data informed institution by addressing data policy issues, common terminologies, data sharing and access, and business processes surrounding the input, maintenance, extraction, and reporting of university data holdings.

The transition to better University-wide data practices will be shepherded by the Data Governance Steering Committee (DGSC) and the Data Goverance Committee (DGC). Both committees gathered for an inaugural meeting on May 25 for an introduction to the new role of data goverance at SMU.

The DGSC includes senior administrators from across campus who will discuss overarching data needs and challenges at SMU to improve decision making. The committee is comprised of:

Patty Alvey – Assessment and Accreditation

Gary Brubaker – Guildhall

Adam Cebulski – Student Affairs

Daniel Eady – Provost

Julie Forrester – Provost

Charles Headley – DEA

Curt Herridge – OIT

Philip Jabour – Facilities

Paul Krueger – Faculty Senate

Ernie Barry – Budgets and Finance

Peter Moore – Provost

Toni Nolen – CUL

Jim Quick – Research

Doug Reinelt – Provost

Sheri Starkey – HR

Samantha Thomas – Institutional Access & Equity

Alison Tweedy – Campus Services

Wes Waggoner – Enrollment Management

The DGC includes data administrators and those with specific data management influence working to make decisions about definitions, quality and timelines. The committee is comprised of:

Vickie Bumgardner – Tax Accounting & Payroll

David Chambers – Student Affairs

Corey Clark – Guildhall

Edward Collins – Assessment and Accreditation

DeeDee Conway – Lyle

Joe Davis – Admissions

Pery Doan – OIT

Lane Duncan – OIT

Stephen Forrest – Enrollment Services

Kim Grace – Law

Clint Gilchrist – Controller

Duane Harbin – Perkins Theology

Susan Strobel Hogan – Student Affairs

Michael Hogan – Student Affairs

Tracy Horstman – Facilities

Chase Jenkins – Student Affairs

Shannon Lunt – Sponsored Research

Eric Macy – OIT

Margaret Mahoney – Simmons

Patricia May – Bursar

Gary Moskowitz – Cox

Dawn Norris – Student Affairs

Vinh Pham – Budget and Finance

Vinay Ramachandra – Institutional Research

Rhiannon Roark – HR

David Sedman – Meadows

Jie Sun – Dedman College

Zoltan Szentkiralyi – CUL

Sharla Walker – Financial Aid

Austin Westervelt-Lutz – DEA

By Nick Rallo