Operational Excellence December ’16 – January ’17 News and Highlights

An Access Control Initiative has been undertaken to improve the process by which faculty, staff and student employees request and receive access to campus buildings and spaces. Team members will evaluate best practices from other organizations to help streamline current procedures involving keys, cards and codes. 

Updated metrics were posted in January tracking continued savings and improvements resulting from Operational Excellence initiatives. For example, Concur user satisfaction is now 3.9 (on a scale of 5), its highest level to date. The number of printers and copiers supported by SMU has been whittled down to a new low of 987 – the goal was no more than 1,000 – resulting in savings on toner, paper, supplies and maintenance as well as machine replacement costs. The average office supply order size was $446 in the last quarter. The large order size gives SMU better pricing and an additional discount that resulted in savings of $1,347 in that period, the highest since the implementation in 2015. The full rundown on all metrics is here.

 The Office of Operational Excellence welcomes input from faculty, staff and students on ways the University can operate more efficiently. Please submit your cost savings suggestions using this online form on the website. Ideas and questions can be submitted anonymously.

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By Nick Rallo