Announcing the Shared Services User Satisfaction Survey

Approximately one year ago, with the unanimous support of the Executive Committee, SMU implemented Shared Services in Finance, Facilities and OIT  based on recommendations of the OE2C initiative teams in each of these areas. The past 12 months have been a time of change and development for faculty and staff in all areas of the University, as many individuals transitioned into new roles and others worked to adopt new ways of working. 

With major transitions complete, the next step in our pursuit of operational excellence is to understand more about how the new workflows impact all employees. To that end, you will receive a survey the week of September 26 asking for your candid and confidential feedback regarding your awareness of and satisfaction with these three functional areas.  The Shared Services satisfaction survey will be sent to you via email from the Office of Operational Excellence.

Depending on the number and depth of comments you provide, the survey should take 10-20 minutes to complete. Each Shared Services area will use the information provided to identify priority areas for improvement, so your contributions are critical to our further success as a University. Please take time to provide this important assessment. 

Executive Committee

SMU Office of Operational Excellence

By Nick Rallo