New Team Begins Work to Improve Event Management on Campus

Event planning on campus requires the coordination of hundreds of myriad details, and is an area identified by the Office of Operational Excellence as ripe for streamlining. As one frustrated SMU staff member recently said, “When arranging an event, what takes one call with a hotel, takes 20 calls on campus! There has to be a better way.”

A new team has now been established to improve the process for scheduling events on campus and arranging for related services. The team, led by project manager Alison Tweedy of Campus Services, began its work on June 1 after an initial kick-off meeting.

“We hope to streamline the process for event scheduling and create transparency and efficiency for both schedulers and users/clients,” said Tweedy. “We will be benchmarking best practices of our cohort and aspirant institutions. We will also be seeking feedback via surveys and focus groups.”

Potential expected benefits to the University will include ease of process, work-related time savings, calendaring advantages and enhanced customer service.

The team members include Kris Harris, Athletics; Jay Hengst, Meadows School; Jeff Lockhart, Event Services; Dawn Norris, Student Affairs; Scott Rubin, Catering; and Tracey Veliz, Facilities. Executive sponsors are Meadows Dean Sam Holland, Vice President for Business and Finance Chris Regis and Director of Athletics Rick Hart.


By Nick Rallo