A Progress Update on Temperature Protocol

As you may be aware, SMU Facilities is in the process of recalibrating thermostat settings in many campus buildings through May 1 as part of an Operational Excellence initiative. We would like to clarify that the University’s updated protocol on temperature set point ranges will not impact residence halls. 

Some residents may have experienced temperature swings during the last week as SMU Facilities continues to calibrate settings. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

The temperature set point range in the residence halls will remain 68°F to 74°F year-round. Residents are asked to be aware that during the seasonal changes between winter and spring and between summer and fall, swings in external daytime and nighttime temperatures may at times affect room temperatures. However, room temperatures will adjust to remain in the range of 68°F to 74°F. 

Students are reminded not to tamper with thermostats and to please direct any questions or concerns about room temperatures to the SMU Service Response Center, 214-768-3494.

In most other Main Campus buildings that are under the University’s central air control system, the temperature set point range is 72°F to 76°F for cooling and 69°F to 72°F for heating, with adjustments when these buildings are unoccupied late nights and weekends.

See more information on the temperature set point protocol

Thank you to campus community members for their input and feedback throughout this process. In determining the settings, the staff and faculty members who served on this Operational Excellence initiative took into account industry standards on recommended temperature ranges, as well as ranges at other Texas universities. The goal is not only to reduce costs, with savings reinvested in the University’s academic mission, but also to save energy as part of our commitment to environmentally responsible practices.


By Nick Rallo