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OE2CstockOE2C November News & Highlights

OIT Shared Services continues to take shape with a newly established Academic Technology Governance Council that will give faculty and academic units a direct voice in prioritizing academic computing projects and making recommendations for IT strategies that will benefit the University as a whole. The OE2C Office also addressed questions about Concur travel prices, special conference and hotel rates, and the difference between manager positions in the Office of Facilities Planning and Management.

A recent suggestion submitted to the OE2C website has resulted in an almost immediate response.  While walking the Boulevard at a recent home football game, Associate Provost Julie Forrester noticed there were no lids on the recycling bins, making it difficult to tell which bins were for recycling and which were for trash.  Without the telltale lid with a hole cut out for recycling bottles, cans and cups, the bins wound up with considerable trash mixed in with recyclable materials. Her simple suggestion: Place lids with holes on the recycling containers to make them more readily identifiable and place the recycling bin and the trash bin next to one another.  Her idea was shared with Facility Services, and they were able to implement it by the next home game.  Although time will tell if there is an improvement in the amount of articles recycled, it’s a great first step!

Featured News

OIT Shared Services Welcomes New Academic Technology Governance Council  

The new council of 14 members from across campus will serve as the primary steward of SMU’s academic technology strategy. Read more.

New FAQs

FAQ: What is the difference between a Facilities Manager, Zone Manager and Project Manager?

FAQ: What do I do if the conference I am attending has a special conference or hotel rate?

FAQ: I hear rumors that Concur’s travel prices are more expensive than ones we can find on our own. Do we have any evidence we’re getting a better deal with Concur?


By Nick Rallo