A New FAQ to Assist on Staples Pricing

Q: While shopping for a specific item I need, I found a price that is better than what is listed on our Staples shopping site. Do I still have to purchase from Staples?

 A: If you find a better price on something you need to buy, contact the procurement team. SMU’s office supply contract gives us the ability to work with Staples to match the price and determine if the item needs to be added to SMU’s price list offering the highest level of discount.

 When you have a major purchase, we are also happy to save you time by researching prices for you.

 To inquire about a lower price you have already found, it helps to take a screen shot of the item and website offering the better pricing. In addition, having the manufacturer or product number also helps in the research and when discussing with SMU’s preferred providers.  Contact the appropriate category manager for your purchase to discuss:

Chanda Arnold

Category Manager


Academic support, Athletics, furniture


Cathy Heckman

Category Manager


Business services, printing, office supplies


Abby Kinney

Category Manager


Information technology, hardware/software, audio/visual, professional services


Millicent Grant

Category Manager


Travel, entertainment, catering


Monica Corte

SMU Card Administrator


SMU Card and eProcurement

By Nick Rallo