Your September 2015 Guide: OE2C News and Highlights

OE2C September News & Highlights

As new printing and travel procedures and Shared Services initiatives became more established in September, the OE2C Office continued to provide more specifics on new policies. The OE2C Savings Tracker debuted on the website and now offers a cumulative look at where cost savings have been identified and how they are being allocated to SMU’s academic mission. An explanation of the cost of Centennial celebrations and a feature on the success of employees making OE2C suggestions both helped to provide context on the project within the University.

OE2C Savings Tracker

The OE2C Savings Tracker illustrates the savings SMU captures from operational changes once they are implemented. See the latest savings figures.

Ideas Turn Into OE2C Initiatives

When SMU asks staff, faculty and students to share ideas on ways to help the University operate more efficiently, it’s not just for show. Some of the suggestions and observations already offered up are on their way to being implemented under SMU’s OE2C initiative. Read more. 

SMU Travel, Simplified

Booking your trip through the new process is as simple as A-B-C: approval, booking and creating an expense report. Read more.

Other September updates:

FAQ: How can we justify the cost of large tents and fireworks as part of the Centennial celebration?

FAQ: How do I order paper for my printer or copier?

FAQ: How do I print confidential or sensitive documents to a secure printer?

By Nick Rallo