Your August 2015 Guide: OE2C News and Highlights

OE2C August News & Highlights

The transition of facilities, finance and information technology to the new Shared Services structure began and was completed during the month. Details about Shared Services can be found in a new section of the OE2C website.

In other news, OE2C’s impact was highlighted in a pair of stories – one that describes how contract approvals are moving more quickly through the system and one that illustrates how reallocated dollars to high-performance computing is helping campus researchers.

President Turner explains Shared Services transition process

Through Shared Services, SMU will improve the delivery of critical services and strengthen work processes, allowing the University to refocus resources on its core academic mission. Read more.

New Contracts Initiative makes for smoother processing

Efforts to reduce the time it takes to process contracts at SMU have been a huge success under a more streamlined method, say OE2C leaders, who found the previous contract process among the top complaints when polling campus employees. Read more.

OE2C funding expands SMU commitment to powerful ManeFrame

Using funds reallocated from SMU’s OE2C initiative, system administration of ManeFrame is being expanded to ensure the SMU Center for Scientific Computing is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That minimizes downtime of this complex system and maximizes faculty and student computer processing time for their research. Read more.

Other August updates

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By Nick Rallo