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Six FAQs Covering Shared Services

shared-services-FAQWhat is Shared Services?
Shared Services is the provision of a service through one centralized part of an organization, whereas the service previously had been sourced from multiple parts of an organization. Under Shared Services, a central department manages the services for the campus as a whole, acting as an internal service provider.

Why are we moving to Shared Services Centers?
To improve services and increase campus-wide efficiency. Shared Services will bring together staff members with a breadth of skills and expertise, allowing for greater collaboration and innovation, opportunities for career growth, the more efficient use of resources, reduced operating costs and consistent, streamlined and effective processes throughout the University. Necessary functions of the University will be met by the Shared Services Centers. Service Level Agreements are being developed to ensure appropriate service levels are maintained.

What areas are transitioning to Shared Services?
The areas of Finance, Information Technology and Facilities will transition to Shared Services.

Who will lead these teams?
Finance is under the direction of Ernie Barry, Associate Vice President for Budgets and Finance; Information Technology is under the direction of Joe Gargiulo, Chief Information Officer; and Facilities is under the direction of Philip Jabour, Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management and University Architect.

Will people actually move someplace?
At the outset, staff members will stay where they currently office. Over time, some staff may be moved. However, many staff will remain embedded in their schools or units.

Will people lose their jobs?
Most staff transitioned to Shared Services will simply have a different reporting structure. However, it may be necessary to eliminate additional positions in finance, IT and facilities beginning in August as we streamline processes and continue to recognize efficiencies. We are fully committed to working with every affected employee to provide transition assistance with sensitivity, respect and care for any outplacements.


A Letter from President Turner Regarding Shared Services


By Nick Rallo