Facilities Initiative’s Recommendation on Temperature Set Point Change Approved

facilities-websize-kimleesonAs part of the University’s ongoing commitment to decrease costs and reinvest any savings back into the academic mission of the University, the OE2C Facilities Initiative team has collected data on temperature set points across campus and determined how these set points affect utility costs.

A recommendation has been approved to transition from the current set point range of 68 to 74 degrees to a more narrow range depending on the time of year. A 74-degree set point would be the standard with a plus-or minus-two-degree variance in the cooling season (spring, summer), and 70 would be the set point with a plus- or minus-two-degree variance in the heating season (fall, winter). These new standard set points will result in significant annual savings and reduce the University’s carbon footprint.

Facilities Planning and Management is in the process of compiling a list of spaces on campus that require special temperature considerations. For example, facilities with special collections, valuable art, research labs not used for classes, and event spaces during active use are some examples of what could qualify for an exemption.

Implementation of the new standard set points will occur this fall, along with protocols and processes, including a comprehensive list of exempt spaces, that will be developed this summer by Facilities Planning and Management in collaboration with the corresponding stakeholders.


Tom Barry & Sam Holland
Executive Sponsors
OE2C Facilities Initiative

By Nick Rallo