Your July 2015 Guide: OE2C News and Highlights

OE2C July News & Highlights

Shared Services, a new reporting line for the University’s chief information officer and thermostat set points designed to lower energy costs led the news this month.

New Shared Services Centers take shape

President Turner explained to faculty and staff how the areas of facilities, finance and information technology would now be part of Shared Services, bringing together staff members with a breadth of skills and expertise to better serve the entire University. Read more.

Facilities Initiative’s recommendation on new building temperatures approved

As part of the University’s ongoing commitment to decrease costs and reinvest savings back into the academic mission of the University, the OE2C Facilities Initiative team collected data on temperature set points across campus and found a way to save money. Read more.

Chief Information Officer now a direct-report to President Turner

President Turner accepted a key recommendation of the IT initiative that the University’s chief information officer will now report to the President and that Joe Gargiulo will continue as SMU’s CIO. Read more.

Other July updates

FAQ: Six questions and answers about Shared Services

By Nick Rallo