Procurement Initiative: Two FAQs on Printers

Q: I have specialized printing needs related to secure lab work, restricted office space, etc. How will printer optimization accommodate those needs?

A: If you feel that key information was not taken into account in assessing your printer needs, or if your printer needs have changed, contact Patrick Cullen ( with the additional information so he can coordinate an appropriate solution to accommodate your needs.

Q: I have a University-funded printer at home that I use for my grant work.  Will toner and maintenance continue to be funded by the University?  If not, can I fund it through my grant?

A: The University has moved to a network printing solution and is no longer supporting personal printing solutions, including those in home offices. Toner and maintenance can be funded through the grant if those sponsored research funds are used in a manner consistent with University policy and the award specifically includes toner or related printing costs as part of the award.

By Nick Rallo