Key Changes to the SMU Travel Policy

SMUtravelThe new SMU Travel Policy goes into effect June 20.  Below are key changes to the travel policy. The complete text of the new policy is available on the SMU Travel website at

Approval Process

  • Pre-trip approval required by budgetary authority over anticipated funds to be used
  • Post-travel approval by budgetary authority over funds used

Method of Payment

  • Out-of-pocket expenses or expenses charged to traveler’s personal card will be reimbursed after trip is complete

 Booking of Travel

  • Mandatory use of Concur online booking tool and travel management company for centralized booking of hotel, airfare, and rental car
  • Reservations for international travel or travel with multiple destinations/airlines may be booked by contacting the SMU-approved travel management company agent
  • Exceptions will be made for conference hotel bookings and  bookings where there are other savings due to University business relationships that are not available through the travel management company

Settlement of Accounts

  • Settlement must occur within 30 days after travel is complete
  • Travel advances allowed only for group travel and individual travel with appropriate approval and pre-travel justification


  • Threshold amount for requiring receipt for travel expenses set at $25
  • Receipts will be stored electronically in Concur


  • Alcohol purchases reimbursable only if there is an SMU business entertainment purpose

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By Nick Rallo