How is HR working to improve recruiting services?

16633835152_91fd3ef061_zHR, like many other support services on campus, is working to increase efficiency and effectiveness in its services and programs. One area of focus is the staff recruitment process. Several changes have been implemented and additional improvements are anticipated in the coming year.

Changes include:

Organization: Recruitment has begun efforts to move toward a more robust talent-management model. Lorea Belle Seidel is now the Director of Talent Management, and the new Talent Management Team is working to develop and implement a model that enables them to remove some of the administrative work around recruitment from hiring managers, reduce the amount of time needed to hire for a role, and to provide strategic staffing consultation to business units and schools.

Forms: HR has taken an initial step to consolidate forms by developing an interactive pdf form of the job description. HR continues to explore using interim technology tools to streamline forms while the IT and Finance initiatives consider larger technology solutions that could benefit recruitment and allow for work flow on forms. Once recommendations are received from those two initiatives, HR can move forward with planning further simplification of the hiring process for managers.

Process: HR developed a process that aims to reduce intake time on recruiting issues by allowing compensation work (titles, reclassifications, and compensation) and initial recruitment work (job posting, advertising plans) to begin at the same time. Once any changes to the position (title/classification/salary) have been approved, the job should be posted more quickly. In addition, the Talent Management Team has a goal of responding to hiring managers within 48 hours of receiving recruitment or reclassification requests.

 Communications: HR is asking that all recruitment and/or reclassification inquiries be directed to the email box. This box is now monitored by multiple HR team members so that responses can be made to inquiries more quickly.

By Nick Rallo