Accounts Payable Reimbursement Direct Deposit Requirement

OE2C-stock-computerThrough Operational Excellence for the Second Century (OE2C), we have launched several initiatives to improve all aspects of the purchasing process for end-users, approvers and administrators.  To help facilitate an effective transition, we have been working with members of the SMU faculty, staff and administration to ensure that each part of the purchasing process is addressed with the objective of decreasing costs and improving function.

 As part of that process, effective June 1, in order to streamline our reimbursement process, the University is transitioning over to direct deposit for all faculty and staff employees who request reimbursement through Accounts Payable.  This includes both travel and non-travel expense reimbursements.

Why Direct Deposit?

  • Faster, cleaner, less handling, and less costly.
  • No more paper checks and inconvenient manual deposits to your bank.
  • Deposited directly into your account.

What’s Next?

 The transition to direct deposit is mandatory. Employees who currently receive checks for expense reimbursements and expect to continue to be reimbursed are encouraged to provide Accounts Payable with their direct deposit information before the end of May to minimize delays with reimbursements on or after June 1.  The direct deposit form, including instructions, can be accessed at:

Direct Deposit Authorization (PDF)

 Employees who are not currently being reimbursed for recent expenses, but who are likely to require reimbursement in the future, should submit the AP Direct Deposit form to Accounts Payable when they request a vendor number for reimbursement.

By Nick Rallo