Does the new contract administration process apply to research contracts?

Contract Leads who receive research-related contracts and grants will continue to process them through the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS). This procedure has not changed. ORGS will process all grants and contracts for Sponsored Projects.

Research contracts are highly technical in nature and require detailed negotiations and expertise in the area of funded research. As such, the Contract Lead must support the Office of Research and Graduate Studies in the timely negotiation and processing of contracts once an agency has agreed to award a contract to SMU.

The Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI) on a research contract is responsible for providing information related to the contract. The Contract Lead will work with the PI and Associate Director for Contracts to ensure the process flow remains smooth and the contract is completed in a timely manner. This may include working directly with the PI to answer questions related to the project or working directly with the Associate Director for Contracts to disseminate information between ORGS and the PI. The Associate Director for Contracts has primary responsibility for communicating with the agency and negotiating all research contracts.

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By Nick Rallo