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The Faculty Senate Resolution on the Progress and Effectiveness of the OE2C Project

The following resolution was unanimously approved by voice vote at the February 4, 2015 SMU Faculty Senate meeting:

Whereas Article VI of the University bylaws provides that [the Faculty Senate has] “the responsibility to speak by resolution through the President of the University to the Board of Trustees on any issue of general University interest or any issue of specific concern”; and

Whereas the Faculty Senate has previously requested the SMU Administration to devote a substantial and appropriate portion of any savings or additional revenue resulting from OE2C toward (1) recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty, (2) investment in research infrastructure, university libraries, and doctoral programs, (3) increasing the number of laboratory and teaching assistants to improve the quality of undergraduate education, and (4) university-wide fellowships to attract high-quality graduate students (Faculty Senate Resolution on Project SMU: Operational Excellence for the Second Century, April 2, 2014); and

Whereas “[t]hought leaders among the SMU faculty and staff will also be called upon to provide valuable input into how SMU can best achieve its ambitions to attract outstanding faculty and students, and to provide our students with a rigorous and engaging educational experience” (OE2C Vision Statement); now therefore be it;

 Resolved, that the Faculty Senate requests the SMU Administration to report to the Senate at the beginning of each semester on the progress and effectiveness of the project and the designation and allocation of funds generated by savings or additional revenue from the project consistent with these goals.


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By Nick Rallo