An Update from President Turner on the Organization Design Initiative

Dear SMU Colleagues,

As of yesterday, all vice presidents, deans and the athletic director have shared their new organizational structures with their staff and notified employees in affected positions. I believe the changes we have implemented through the OE2C Organization Design Initiative will help us ensure the long-term success of the University, but I know they have required a great deal of perseverance from our SMU community.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility throughout this process.

The structural changes implemented over the past few weeks were created by vice presidents, deans and the athletic director with input from their leadership teams where appropriate.  Each leader thoughtfully designed their organization to deliver appropriate service levels while providing financial resources to be reallocated to our academic mission. As other OE2C initiative teams design solutions that streamline work processes, there may be additional staff changes on a smaller scale that will be handled with equal care.

As these changes take place, the need for increased sensitivity continues.  Some of our staff members in eliminated positions will remain with us for varying lengths of time. We must continue to respect their privacy and be as helpful as possible with their transition. Also, other employees have been given new responsibilities and will need time to adjust to redefined roles.

The strength of SMU is our people. We will emerge from these demanding changes as an organization better prepared and equipped to serve our community and advance our mission.


R. Gerald Turner


By Nick Rallo