Procurement Initiative Begins Work to Save SMU Millions in Annual Spending

Procurementgraph_newNRIn fiscal year 2013, SMU spent $150 million on recurring goods and services such as business services, food and office supplies. To help the University maximize savings in major spending categories identified in the OE2C diagnostic phase, the Procurement initiative began its work on November 6. The Procurement initiative team aims to help the University realize $11-15 million in annual savings by both delivering quick savings in a few specific spending categories and designing a high performing purchasing organization. Savings identified in this initiative will not just be deducted from the bottom line, but will combine with funds saved through other OE2C initiatives to be invested in new academic projects that support our core mission.

Dr. Al Niemi, dean of the Cox School of Business will serve as executive sponsor of the Procurement initiative. John O’Connor will serve as project manager and Terry Conner, director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable, will be advisor to the team.

The committee members are as follows:

• Catherine Collins (Cox)

• Donna Cotter (CUL)

• Patrick Cullen (Campus Services)

• Windy Epperson (A/P)

• Ellen Frost (Bridwell)

• Cathy Heckman (Purchasing)

• Abby Kinney (OIT)

• Dawn Norris (Student Life)

• Anel Reyna (OIT)

• Justin Trombold (Simmons)

• Carmela Wells (G&C Accounting)

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By Nick Rallo