SMU Libraries Digital Collections Update: July 2021

[Sheep Herding on High Plains], ca. 1907, DeGolyer Library, SMU.

[Sheep Herding on High Plains], ca. 1907, DeGolyer Library, SMU.

In July 2021, SMU Libraries uploaded 161 items into SMU Libraries Digital Collections. Highlights include:

24 real photographic postcards, ca. 1907-1918, from the John Miller Morris Real Photographic Postcards and Photographs of Texas collection. These images feature scenes from Parmer county, Texas, and include images of towns, ranches, and the farming industry.

4 interviews have been added to the Southern Methodist University Oral History Interviews and Digital Humanities Student Projects collection. These interviews, with Kelvin Beachum, Russell Carter, Cameron Gibson, and Jimmy Tran, are part of the Voices of SMU project.

Posicion Felicista Ciudadela Febro. 18-1913., February 18, 1913, DeGolyer Library, SMU.

Posicion Felicista Ciudadela Febro. 18-1913., February 18, 1913, DeGolyer Library, SMU.

46 real photographic postcards, ca. 1913-1914, from Elmer and Diane Powell Collection on Mexico and the Mexican Revolution. These images show scenes from La Decena Trágica and its aftermath and include photographs of ruined buildings, memorial services, and artillery in the streets of Mexico City.

52 photographs and 2 album covers, ca. 1940, from the Sir Ellice Victor Elias Sassoon Papers and Photographs collection. A number of these photographs were taken at a party in Hollywood thrown by the actor Basil Rathbone, and feature numerous well-known celebrities of the time, including Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, and more. Other photographs show images of Sir Victor Sassoon out and about in Hollywood and include images of him with Rathbone, Clark Gable, Anna May Wong, and others.

7 folders of press releases, 1962-1963, were added to the Texas Instruments Records collection. These cover events such as acquisitions and mergers, promotions, new hires, and product announcements, as well as financial reports for the company during the period of April 1962 through December 1963.

12 photographs, ca. 1880s-1908, by Alfred Briquet, from the [Collection of Alfred Briquet views of Mexico and the Caribbean]. Among these images are a number of photographs of Mina Las Dos Estrellas, a gold mine in Michoacan, Mexico.

3 letters, 1851-1853, from the George W. Cook Collection of Texas Manuscripts and Artifacts. Two of the letters were written to Lieutenant Clinton W. Lear and one was sent to his wife. The letters describe various topics, including the death of General William G. Belknap, the goings-on at Fort Phantom Hill while Lt. Lear was on leave, and Fort Washita during a storm.

Now available in SMU Scholar: Volume 5 and Volume 6 of Field and Laboratory (1936-1938). This publication contains papers published by faculty, students, and alumni from SMU’s Science Division, from 1932-1959. The articles cover many scientific areas, including biology, chemistry, physics, meteorology, earth sciences, and the history of science.

11 drawings, 1884-1925, from the Collection of Baldwin Locomotive Works records. These drawings include erecting cards made for the Norwegian State railway, Suffolk & Carolina, United Fruit, several lumber companies, and more.

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