CUL Digital Collections Update: February 2015

In February 2015, SMU’s Central University Libraries uploaded 513 items into CUL Digital Collections. CUL now has approximately 46,381 published items.

Mr. and Mrs. Fupua, ca. 1930s, from page 3 of Graphic History of Negro Dallas

Mr. and Mrs. Fupua, ca. 1930s, from page 3 of Graphic History of Negro Dallas

Highlights include:

12 items from the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas Image Collection, including 10 photographs and 1 album depicting African American life and race relations in Dallas, ca. 1910s-1940s. Three photographs show Klu Klux Klan activities. Four real photographic postcards document the lynching of Allen Brooks in 1910. Graphic History of Negro Dallas is an album compiled by the Priscilla Art Club, 1932-1941, that contains 124 photographs of people, homes, businesses, churches, schools, and activities relating to Dallas’ African American community. The Dallas Herald Carriers’ Address: A Happy New Year, 1883, comprises a poem in which the Dallas Herald carriers help to ring in the New Year.

241 drawings from the Potter Art Iron Studios Collection, including 71 drawings from Box 09, 101 drawings from Box 10, and 69 drawings from Box 11. Box 09 shows various types of light fixtures,such as pendant lights, chandeliers, candelabras, candle stands, wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps. Unique items among the box were ecclesiastical water fonts, lectern lamps, and candle stands. Boxes 10 and 11 mainly show wall sconces.

20 maps and 3 reports from the Everette Lee DeGolyer, Sr. Papers pertaining to Mexican oil exploration in the early 20th century, particularly in the state of Veracruz. The reports include DeGolyer Note Book, Isthmus Concepcion, 1916, Report: Gravity Meter Survey, East Half of Filisola Filing and Tecuanapa Filing …, 1951, and Report on the Geology of the San Diego – Escobal Anticline, 1913. Some of the maps include Map, Section, and Production Graphs of Tecunapa [sic] Field, ca. 1923-1936, Cia. Mex. de Pet. ‘El Aguila’, S.A., [Mexican Eagle Oil Company], 1923, and Reconnaissance Geologic &Topographic Survey of the San Diego – Escobal Anticline, 1911.

7 items from Texas Instruments Records, 1991-1995, relating to TI’s Digital Micromirror Device, including images of the device and its creator Dr. Larry Hornbeck, as well as documents and awards. The Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) is an optical semiconductor invented by Dr. Hornbeck in 1987. TI developed Hornbeck’s invention into the Digital Light Processing technology, which today has a wide array of applications in medical imaging, communications, security and the entertainment industry, among others. The invention has earned TI recognition from the entertainment industry, such as an Emmy for digital projection technology in 1998. In February 2015, Dr. Larry Hornbeck won the Academy Award of Merit for his contribution to the cinema projection technology.

United States of America, 1818, by John Melish

United States of America, 1818, by John Melish

1 broadside and 13 Texas boundary maps. The broadside, National Feeders & Breeders Show … , 1912 , advertises a a Fort Worth Stockyard event. One of the boundary maps, Map of the River Sabine from Its Mouth on the Gulf of Mexico in the Sea to Logan’s Ferry  … , comprises five separate sheets uploaded individually. In addition a composite of the five maps has been created. These and other boundary maps describe the geographic border between the Republic of Texas (1836-1846) and the United States to its east. Also included is the United States of America,1818, map drawn by Scottish-born John Melish. The significance of this map lies in its placement of the 100th meridian, recognized in the Adams-Onis Treaty as part of the boundary between the United States and New Spain. This map was the “final authority on the Texas boundary during the period of the republic … (TSHA online).”

Why Don't She Marry the Guy and Get Rid of Him? by John Francis Knott, January 14, 1945

Why Don’t She Marry the Guy and Get Rid of Him? by John Francis Knott, January 14, 1945

84 sketches for political cartoons by John Knott that ran in the Dallas Morning News, 1944-1945. Many of the cartoons portray international developments relating to World War II, as well as U.S. and local Dallas politics.

Shown left: Why Don’t She Marry the Guy and Get Rid of Him? by John Francis Knott, January 14, 1945. The context for this cartoon is explained in an accompanying editorial entitled ‘Dallas Unification Plan.’ Dallas Morning News, January 14, 1945, Section 4, Page 4.

106 Texas railroad negatives from the Everett L. DeGolyer Jr. Collection of United States Railroad Photographs as part of the Texas Treasures FY2015 grant program, sponsored by the by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The images are locomotives, cars and trains from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas and Missouri Pacific railroads, taken between 1940 and 1976. The photographs were taken in Caddo Mills, Cisco, Texarkana, Laredo, Highland Park, Waco, Bartlett, Denison, Fort Worth, Dallas, Albany, Eddy, Fate, Denton, Hewitt, Sherman, Greenville, Austin, San Antonio, Burkburnett, Tuxedo, West, Hearne, Abilene, and Bud Matthews in Shackelford, County, Texas.

Five images from the Everett L. DeGolyer Jr. Collection of United States Railroad Photographs. Four of the images are of Eureka-Nevada Railway locomotives, including one of the former Brigham Young Engine: [Eureka-Nevada Locomotive, former Brigham Young Engine], ca. 1890; [Eureka – Nevada #7], 1917; [Eureka Nevada Ry.], ca. 1915-1916; and [Eureka-Nevada, Locomotive 8], ca. 1945. The final photograph is of an Erie Railway locomotive: [Erie, Inspection Locomotive 40], ca. 1930.

17 engineering drawings created by Baldwin Locomotive Works between 1883-1914. These erecting and detail drawings of steam locomotives were created for or purchased by a variety of railroad companies and/or individuals: White Pass & Yukon Route; Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad; Catskill & Tannersville Railway; Dourado Railway; Coahuila & Pacific Railroad; Uintah Railway, Dumont de Assucar e Alcool, Uzina; Cantareira Tramway; Ernst Wiener; Fry, Miers & Company for Compania Ramal; Ramal Ferro de Santa Rita; Silverton Northern Railroad; Santiago Porcella (Italia Estate); Crystal River Railroad; Colorado Fuel & Iron; Engenho Cent. de Sapucaia em Campos; and Santa Ana Railroad.



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