CUL Digital Collections Update: June 2014

In June 2014, CUL uploaded 261 items into our CONTENTdm collections. CUL now has approximately 38,550 published items.

Highlights include:

52 non-oil-related Texas negatives, August 1949-August 1954, by Robert Yarnall Richie as part of the TexTreasures FY2014 grant. Major companies and organizations depicted are Southern Pacific Railroad; Seatrain Lines; Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway; St. Louis Southwestern Railway; General American Transportation Corporation; and Champion Paper and Fibre Company. Also uploaded were aerial views of Houston and Eddie Rickenbacker’s Bear Creek Ranch, Hunt, Texas.

7 color transparencies relating to World War II aircraft by Robert Yarnall Richie, including a Dawn Patrol of warplanes over Lake Charles, Louisiana; Boeing Flying Fortress (B-17s) over Mount Rainier, washington; and U.S. fighter pilots, machine gunners, and navigators in Boeing aircraft at Mitchel Field Air Force Base in Long Island.

14 stereographs taken by John Carbutt and Andrew J. Russell, ca. 1866-1869, depicting views of the Union Pacific Railroad. Eleven stereographs document a group of excursionists viewing the progress of the railroad after it reached the 100th meridian of longitude in October 1866. The group included company directors, senators, congressmen, and other dignitaries.

Four railway images, including ‘‘The Lark” Southern Pacific train which began operation between Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, on May 8, 1910.

China and Second Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1939, album by Sir Victor Sassoon, which includes
24 images depicting ships near Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. Many of the images document the damage, death, and civilian strife during the Second Sino-Japanese war.

10 builder’s specification cards from the
Baldwin Locomotive Works builder’s cards
, including the Central Railroad of New Jersey, the Chapman Timber Company, the Charcoal Iron Co. of America, the Charleston & Western Carolina Railway, the Charlotte Harbor & Northern Railway, the Cherry River Boom & Lumber Co., and the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway.

[Ferrocarriles Unidos De Yucatan, No. 39], ca. 1860-1905, by H. Tyron Photo

[Ferrocarriles Unidos De Yucatan, No. 39], ca. 1860-1905, by H. Tyron Photo

12 large format builders’ photographs of locomotives built by Baldwin Locomotive Works for Lehigh Valley Railroad Company; Canadian National Railway Company; Chicago, Lake Shore & Eastern Railway Co. of Indiana; Wabash Railway Company; El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company; Seaboard Railway Company; Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad Company; Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company; Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company; Internacional Mexicano; Lehigh Valley Coal Company; and Ferrocarriles Unidos De Yucatan.

Maverick Hotel, ca. 1885-1889, from the San Antonio View Co.

Maverick Hotel, ca. 1885-1889, from the San Antonio View Co.

139 stereographs, including 98 stereoviews of Texas.
In the upload were 26 stereoviews from the Henry A. Doerr Texas Stereographs depicting missions and everyday city life in San Antonio during the late 19th century; 8 stereographs from the San Antonio, Texas stereos; 11 stereoviews from the Collection of Texas Stereographs, primarily showing the cotton industry in the Dallas area, such as cotton fields, the process of weighing, packing cotton into bales, and the carding machinery used on the raw cotton; 38 stereoviews from the Texas Centennial stereo set, created as part of the Texas Centennial celebration in 1936, showing many historic landmarks such as the location of the first Texas capitol and the Confederate memorial to Dick Dowling at the Sabine Pass, as well as early photographs of several Texas learning institutions, including Texas A&M, TWU, and Texas Tech. The Amateur stereos of Louisiana, Texas and Mexico, ca. 1895-1905, includes 15 stereographs of Texas, as well as 24 stereographs of Mexico.

7 pamphlets, reports, books, presentations, and documents in the George Albert Converse Papers and Photographs, 1861-1897. The Torpedo Station, ca. 1882, is a pamphlet describing the history and functions of the Naval Torpedo Station on Goat Island in Newport Harbor. Navy (Torpedo Boats). Return to an Order of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 4 August 1887 is a pamphlet containing the response of the Admiralty of the Royal Navy to a House of Commons inquiry regarding tests of the Navy’s torpedo boats conducted in May 1887. The Whitehead Torpedo. U.S.N., 45c/m Mark I. General Description, 1894, a book containing technical descriptions and 17 cyanotype diagrams of the Whitehead Torpedo and its components. The information was prepared at the Naval Torpedo Station on Goat Island in Newport Harbor (Rhode Island) by order of the Bureau of Ordnance and approved for use in the Navy. The Whitehead Torpedo. U.S.N., 45c/m. Marks I and II. Notes on Care and Handling, Disassembling and Assembling, etc., 1895, a book containing instructions for the care, handling, disassembling, assembling, manipulating, and adjusting of the Mark I and Mark II Whitehead Torpedoes and their accessories, as well as a list of names and reference numbers of parts. Collisions at Sea. A Letter by John Donaldson, M. Inst. C.E., M.I.N.A., etc., 1882, a reprint of the letter written by John Donaldson to the editor of The Times of London and originally published on April 15, 1882. Donaldson, a marine engineer and partner in the shipbuilding firm John I. Thornycroft & Co., decries the loss of life that typically resulted from ship collisions of the day and recommends several key changes to the structure and fittings characteristic of ships at that time, including the fitting of all merchant ships with an overhanging bow. Some Experiments to Test the Resistance of a First-Class Torpedo-Boat, 1883, a leaflet containing the text of a paper read by Sir Alfred F. Yarrow on March 15, 1883, at the 24th session of the Institution of Naval Architects. Description of the Electrical Launch Built Last Year, 1884, a pamphlet containing the text of a paper read by Sir Alfred F. Yarrow on April 2, 1884, at the 25th session of the Institution of Naval Architects. The paper describes an electric launch built by the Electric Storage Company, the Siemens Brothers, and Yarrow Shipbuilding Limited. In addition, the results of various trials undertaken with the launch are reported.

Map of Mexico City and Valley, Designed by Carlos Merida, Published by Frances Toor Studios, 1935

Map of Mexico City and Valley, Designed by Carlos Merida, Published by Frances Toor Studios, 1935

Map of Mexico City and Valley Business Directory, 1935, by Carlos Merida and published by Frances Toor Studios, and the associated envelope. Carlos Merida was a Guatemalan artist who joined a Mexican mural painting school and worked with fellow artist Diego Rivera circa 1919. Along with Rivera, Orozoco, and Siqueiros, Merida helped establish the Union of Workers, Technicians, Painters and Sculptors. At various points in his career, Merida’s work reflected the Maya and Zapotec heritage of his native village, geometric designs, elements of Surrealism, and an interest in various art mediums, like glass. American-born Frances Toor (1890-1956) became interested in Mexico’s indigenous cultures and folk traditions while traveling in Mexico in the early 1920s as she worked on her Master’s thesis. In 1925 in Mexico City she started the bilingual cultural magazine ‘Mexican Folkways,’ which remained in publication for 12 years. From her studio in Mexico City, Toor edited various tourist guides, “A Motorist Guide to Mexico” (1938), a volume titled “Mexican Popular Arts” (1939), and “A Treasury of Mexican Folkways,” first edited by Crown Publishers in 1947. (Sources: Carlos Merida (Guatemala, 1891 – 1984), 2014,; Schuessler, Michael K. Frances Toor and Mexican Folkways, Inside Mexico, March 2003, Editorial Manda.)

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