CUL Digital Collections Update: October 2013

In October 2013, CUL uploaded 502 items into our CONTENTdm collections. CUL now has approximately 34,735 published items.

Highlights include:

139 non-oil-related Texas negatives by Robert Yarnall Richie as part of the TexTreasures FY2014 grant.

15 photographs and documents from the Stanley Marcus Papers relating to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s visit to Dallas in September 1957 and the subsequent premier of the Neiman-Marcus Fortnight in October, which centered around a French theme. Coco Chanel attended the 20th Annual Neiman-Marcus Fashion Exposition where she received the Neiman-Marcus award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion.

10 contract drawings from the New York Bridge Contract Drawings series for the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and Blackwell’s Island Bridge (now known as the Queensboro Bridge), 1903-1908, by the New York Department of Bridges.

44 currency notes in the Rowe-Barr Collection of Texas Currency, many of which were issued in Austin, Travis County, during the years Texas was a Republic and then afterward as a state. They include the following types of currency: exchequer bills, including 5 signed by Sam Houston, change notes, consolidated funds, naval scrip, and treasury warrants. Of particular interest are the naval scrip, which were created when the failure of the (Texas) government to appropriate sufficient funds in 1841 for the operation of the Navy led Commodore E. W. Moore to issue this scrip in anticipation of further appropriations.

22 stereoviews from the Collection of Civil War era stereographs.

7 photographs by Francis Parker, ca. 1882-1895, from El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

2 pieces of photographic art by late SMU professor Linda Finnell (1948-1999): Triptych. Linda Finnell, her mother, and her grandmother, and Diptych, and “Orlando,” Linda as a woman, Linda as a man.

7 postcards of Dallas from the Collection of Texas Postcards

Viaduct bei Franzdorf, Stationsplatz Daselbst und der Hirschthaler Viaduct, ca. 1857, Johann Varoni (artist/lithographer)

Viaduct bei Franzdorf, Stationsplatz Daselbst und der Hirschthaler Viaduct (Viaduct near Franzdorf, the railway station of the same name, and the Hirschthaler Viaduct), ca. 1857, Johann Varoni (artist/lithographer)

Zur Erinnerung an die Eröffnung der Staats-Eisenbahn (The Imperial-Royal State Railway from Ljubljana to Trieste), a portfolio of 14 lithographs commemorating the opening of the Sudbahn from Ljubljana, Slovenia, to Trieste, Italy, by Emperor Franz Joseph I on July 27, 1857.

114 photographic prints from the last two volumes of the Les Travaux Publics de la France, 1883, edited by Jules Rothschild: Les Travaux Publics de la France, Tome Quartieme: Ports de Mer and Les Travaux de la France, Tome Cinquieme: Phares et Balises.

Army Portfolio No. 1, 1845, comprising 5 lithographic prints depicting Corpus Christi, Texas, and Monterey, Mexico during the Mexican War.

Union Pacific Railroad. Photographical Illustrations., 1869, by Andrew Russell. The full title of the album is The Great West illustrated in a series of photographic views across the Continent taken along the line of the Union Pacific Railroad, west from Omaha, Nebraska. With an annotated table of contents, giving a brief description of each view; its peculiarities, characteristics, and connection with the different points on the road.

Colorado Landscape by Jerry Bywaters, from the University Art Collection

Colorado Landscape by Jerry Bywaters, from the University Art Collection

10 paintings and prints by Jerry W. Bywaters depicting Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, held by the Meadows Museum for the University Art Collection.

10 builder’s specification cards from the Baldwin Locomotive Works builder’s cards

8 articles from the George Albert Converse Papers and Photographs, including newsclippings, reprints of excerpts of  articles, and pages of articles relating to steamships, torpedo boats and ironclads. There are two articles that pertain to a stern wheeled steamship produced by Yarrow, which was shipped up the Nile for use by General Charles Gordon at the Battle of Khartoum.

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