Meet Evie Phase II


Help SMU advance urban agriculture technology through the mobile greenhouse solutions lab for food security.


“Evie,” the Hunt Institute’s mobile greenhouse, is the product of the 2016 Mustangs Give Back “Greenhouse for Good” campaign, aimed at improving the economic viability of producing food in small urban spaces to help address food security and nutrition challenges. Evie debuted at Earth Day Texas in 2017 where a student-made film about the multidisciplinary creation of the mobile greenhouse won the short film contest.

Now we are embarking on Phase II of Evie, to maximize production efficiency and minimize cost. A team of mechanical engineering students has been working on finding a low-cost sustainable cooling solution. Another team is working on optimizing the growing environment, with extensive research in existing technology, best practices, and feedback from end users.

Your contribution will go toward developing and implementing a high efficiency 3Dponic design for space optimization. 3Dponics is an open-source initiative that combines aeroponics, a form of soilless precision agriculture, and 3D printing. The flexibility afforded by printing the design in separate components makes it customizable and easily deployable in different locations while the use of aeroponics makes this a feasible solution under different environmental conditions. 3D printing will help reduce the cost of complex aeroponic systems, making controlled environment agriculture more accessible to disadvantaged communities, both locally and globally.

Phase II is highly interdisciplinary involving undergraduate and graduate SMU students from engineering, business, art, communication, computer science, design & innovation and sustainability.

Thank you for considering our project!

“Food insecurity is a crippling experience that families face every day. Even in American cities, some communities have limited or no access to healthy food options, which can lead to health and social consequences down the line.”
— Dr. Eva Csaky, Director of the Hunt Institute

Special Thank-You Reward Levels

For all donations

  • Invitation to meet Evie on exhibit and members of the Hunt Institute student team on location at EarthX 2018
  • Invitation to our HUNTALKS Reception in May to tour the Institute, meet the Executive Director, hear about the various initiatives from the students that lead them, and meet the Evie project team