Episode 006: Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek

On this episode of “Mustang Physics,” 2004 Physics Nobel Laureate and MIT Professor of Physics Frank Wilczek tells us about his deep affection for mathematics and for the mathematical beauty of nature, about the work that earned him a Nobel Prize, and what it’s like to “get the call from Sweden.” I am joined this time by co-host Holly Howard, SMU undergraduate and newly minted physics major. We talk about why physics is interesting, language is fluid, “chemistry is death,” and how to survive the academic transition from high school to college. “Mustang Physics” is your gateway into the world of physics and the lives and thoughts of physicists.

Listen now! Mustang Physics, May 2011 audio


From left to right: Frank Wilczek, Steve Sekula and Holly Howard


Professor Frank Wilczek

Professor Stephen Sekula



SMU undergraduate Holly Howard
(Photo courtesy of Holly Howard)

Hosts: Professor Stephen Sekula and SMU undergraduate Holly Howard.

Frank Wilczek is the Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of asymptotic freedom in the strong interaction, one of the four known fundamental forces of Nature. Professor Wilczek delivered this year’s Lightner-Sams Lecture at SMU, an event made possible by the generous support of the Lightner-Sams Foundation.



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