Episode 005: Sonifying Subatomic Physics

On this episode of “Mustang Physics,” Matt Bellis (Stanford University) discusses his spontaneous collaboration with both physicists and non-physicists that has turned particle collision data into music with the goal of giving new communities an experience with physics data. “Mustang Physics” is your gateway into the world of physics and the lives and thoughts of physicists.

Listen now! Mustang Physics, April 2011 audio


From left to right: Steve Sekula and Matt Bellis

Professor Stephen Sekula 


Matt Bellis (Stanford University)
(Photo by Florencia Prada)

Host: Professor Stephen Sekula

Matt Bellis is a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University. He works on the BaBar Experiment at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. He presented the SMU Physics Department Seminar on March 7, 2011, where he discussed his work on the search for fundamental symmetry violations that might explain our asymmetric cosmos. He spoke with me about his effort to use particle physics data to produce music. This effort would allow whole new communities to experience and use particle physics data.



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    • Produced by Kathleen Tibbetts
    • Theme music written by Jason South and performed by Jason South and Stephen Sekula.

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