Episode 004: Reforming Physics Education (Part 2)

From left to right: Matthew Rispoli, Steve Sekula, and Michael Schatz

On this episode of “Mustang Physics,” we resume our conversation with special guest Prof. Michael Schatz (Georgia Institute of Technology), who spoke with us about physics education and efforts to alter the way physics is taught. “Mustang Physics” is your gateway into the world of physics and the lives and thoughts of physicists.

Professor Stephen Sekula 

SMU Undergraduate Matthew Rispoli
(Photo courtesy of Matthew Rispoli)


Prof. Michael Schatz (Georgia Institute of Technology)
(Photo courtesy of Michael Schatz)

Hosts: Professor Stephen Sekula and SMU undergraduate Matthew Rispoli.

Listen now! Mustang Physics, February 2011 audio

Prof. Michael Schatz is a Professor of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He spoke with us on December 7, 2010, about the importance of an education in physics and efforts at Georgia Tech to change the way physics is taught at the introductory level. In this second part of a two-part series, we discuss student fears in the physics classroom and Prof. Schatz’s research and interests outside of physics education.



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    • We at Mustang Physics would like to hear from SMU physics alumni, friends of the department, or listeners with an interest in the frontiers of physics. Record 2-3 minutes of audio (introduce yourself and speak about how you are connected to the ideas or methods of physics). To arrange delivery of the audio, please contact Prof. Stephen Sekula (my contact information is available from http://www.physics.smu.edu/web/people/).
  • The Georgia Tech Physics Education Research Group
  • Michael Schatz’s website: http://phweb.physics.gatech.edu/schatz/
  • Credits:
    • Produced by Kathleen Tibbetts
    • Theme music written by Jason South and performed by Jason South and Stephen Sekula.

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