Episode 002: 36 milli-Hubble-barn’s a pound the world around

Hosts: Professor Stephen Sekula and SMU undergraduate Vladimir Jovanovic.

Listen now! Mustang Physics, December 2010 audio

We discuss Vladimir’s interest in the interface of psychology and computer science and welcome our special guests, Dr. Aidan Randle-Conde (Southern Methodist University) and Dr. Paul “Jack” Jackson (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory). We talk about international science, being a scientist on big experiments, going beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and a love of travel and music.

Professor Stephen Sekula 

SMU Undergraduate Vladimir Jovanovic

Dr. Aidan Randle-Conde (Southern Methodist University)
(Photo courtesy of Aidan Randle-Conde)

Dr. Paul Jackson (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
(Photo courtesy of Paul Jackson)

Dr. Aidan Randle-Conde is a post-doctoral researcher at Southern Methodist University, based at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and conducting research on the ATLAS Experiment. Dr. Paul “Jack” Jackson is a post-doctoral researcher at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory who is also based at CERN and conducts research on ATLAS. We spoke with AIdan and Jack in the CERN Cafeteria, social and intellectual hub of this great international laboratory, in August, 2010. They were candid about their journey from England, to North America for school and research, and their work now on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. We also talked about their passions outside of research, including wanderlust and songwriting.


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