Michael Graves

087d848Michael Graves, SMU Class of 2014, has been with mustangconuslting since his freshman year and truly understands what it takes to be an excellent consultant. Michael is responsible for all project management, team leadership and consulting tasks of the team. His approachable personality helps Michael thrive both as team leader and when working with a range of clients.

Michael is a relationship builder who understands that no two client projects will be exactly alike. He brings passion and curiosity to every client meeting he attends and works relentlessly to fully understand his clients desires. When working with the mustangconsulting team, Michael is often the mediator but can also act as the “Devils Advocate” to ensure an understanding of all possible outcomes of an action. His ability to remain level headed and see all sides of an issue is a trait that sets Michael apart among communication professionals.

A communication and religious studies double major, Michael plans to attend graduate school and study religious leadership before continuing a career in communication consulting. Throughout his four years with mustangconsulting, Michael has worked on many projects within a United Methodist context. These projects helped Michael develop his passion for religious communications and set him on his current path.

Michael is quite the celebrity on SMU’s campus as he has worked with many student organizations during his four years. To name a few, he served as President of the SMU Religious Studies Club, Opinion Writer for the Daily Campus, Student Assistant for the SMU Asian Studies Program, Ambassador to SMU in Taos, Director of Programming to SMU’s PRSSA chapter and Campaign and Challenge Chair for The Union at SMU. All who work with Michael are struck by his passion and dedication to the task at hand and betterment of the organization as a whole.

Michael came to SMU from Bossier City, Louisiana. His favorite place to travel is Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, as it the place that allows him to feel most in tune with the world. Michael loves Tex Mex and during his time at SMU has become a regular of Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village.

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