Akola Project (UAPO)

Uganda2Where do we go from here? UAPO partners with mustangconsulting at their 5-year point.

The Uganda American Partnership Organization (UAPO) was founded in 2004 by SMU alum Brittney Merrill Underwood and was mustangconsulting’s first international non-profit client.

When Brittney approached Dr. Dixon in 2009, at the nonprofit’s 5-year point, she was looking for a total revamp of the UAPO’s donor and overall communication platform. mustangconsulting happily partnered with the UAPO and used the opportunity to become fully immersed in the nonprofit world and to determine what elements are needed to sustain a meaningful and productive donor relations program.

Before creating any marketing materials for the UAPO, mustangconsulting needed to fully understand the organization’s mission, values and what they saw as the future of the nonprofit. The consultants went to several meetings, brainstorming sessions and eventually took a trip to Uganda to really experience the essence of the organization. After arriving in Uganda, the team worked diligently to fully understand the experience of UAPO volunteers and how to effectively articulate this experience to key constituents in the United States. They formed personal bonds with the women working in Uganda and this inspired the team when developing the donor communication materials.


Back in the United States, the mustangconsulting team worked closely with Brittany and Executive Director Blake Smith to build out the UAPO’s donor communication program to reflect the true vision and message of the organization. Collateral developed included a complete donor and PR plan for fundraising, an in-depth SWOT analysis examining Generation X versus Generation Y, marketing brochures, plans for four future fundraising events, a rewrite of all verbiage and promotion of UAPO message through social media and SMU blogs.

The UAPO and mustangconsulting have remained close partners and worked together on many projects since 2009. mustangconsulting helped the UAPO go through a rebranding, which included a name change to The Akola Project. Other projects have included outreach plans to women’s ministries in the DFW metroplex and the launch of an ambassador program. The mission of the Akola Project is one that is close to mustangconsulting’s heart and we have been honored to help them in the achievement of their goals.







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