The MC Advantage

Comm-Studies-PRGrounded Research. Applied Theory. Committed People.

mustangconsulting is an in-house communication-consulting firm comprised of top students from various academic disciplines at Southern Methodist University. We help our clients find their voice and take control.

Since our founding in 2004, we have pursued a clear purpose to deliver excellent, effective and accountable communications counsel, enabling our clients to achieve their goals. Our work is rooted in research and communication theory. We believe that an organization’s strategic communication strategy and subsequent messages are only as strong as the research and analysis utilized to create those messages. As audiences and communication channels grow increasingly complex, the role of research becomes even more significant. We leverage the vast academic capabilities of Southern Methodist University and provide our clients with top of the line analysis and informed recommendations.

mustangconsulting has a reputation of outstanding client service and results. We help our clients assess their situation, consider options, develop objectives, and quickly arrive at a strategy that enables them to move forward with strength, confidence and purpose.

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