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Welcome to mustangconsulting’s first blog post. That’s right, first blog post – ever. This is a really big deal.

You may be thinking, why is an elite group of communication students, who specialize in helping their clients engage audiences through all mediums, just now developing a digital presence?

The truth is, mustangconsulting is in the same transformational period that many of our clients are in when we first start working together. Ten years ago mustangconsulting was founded with our first client, Southwest Airlines. Since then, we have grown as an organization, built our legacy and delivered excellent work on behalf of our clients. Our determination and dedication to excellence has helped us gain a reputation and track record, to the point where we are now actually turning clients away.

mustangconsulting has been so busy with our clients during the past ten years that we have had little time to reflect on ourselves as an organization. We spent little time thinking about how our internal structure was changing with each mustangconsulting class and how we were presenting ourselves to different external audiences.

So, what did we do? We threw a party! Well, kind of.

Baltimore SWA Visit

On a rainy Saturday in April, current and past mustangconsultants met for a ten-year reunion celebration. The day started at Union Coffee, a mustangconsulting client, where we had a major brainstorming session. Introductions allowed old and new mustangconsultants to meet and gave everyone a chance to hear where their old colleagues were in their careers.

Next, Dr. Sandra Duhe, Chair of Communication Studies, spoke to the team on how the department has changed and what the future of the major will look like. To recap, it is only becoming more challenging, with a focus on business communication and practical internship experience.

The morning continued with a presentation from Dr. Dixon and two of the original mustangconsultants from 2004. The mustangconsultants had surveyed team members and clients to get a clear picture on our place in the market, and how we are seen internally and externally. After presenting this research, Dr. Dixon explained to the group our current dilemma at the ten-year point.

Dr. D

After everyone was on the same page, we broke into small brainstorming groups. In these groups we talked about the true mission and vision of mustangconsulting and how it has changed since our founding.

After breaking for lunch, we all met again at the mustangconsulting office on campus to discuss our small group findings with the entire team. What we discovered was truly amazing.

First, mustangconsulting is stronger than ever. Of course the current consultants are still bright and high achieving but this is not what makes our group unique. It is the dedication of our team to spend all day on a Saturday working together to ensure that we continue to thrive for years to come.

This leads me to one of our new exciting features, the alumni board. The alumni board will serve as mentors to current consultants. They will bring their current real world experience to the team and help guide our current consultants in all client work. Another huge part of their role will be helping with the onboarding of new consultants to ensure that our original culture is maintained with every new mustangconsulting class.

photo This month I had the opportunity to interview new consultants with some of our alumni. Their presence in the room and professional perspective helped to generate thoughtful conversations with interviewees and make purposeful decisions. Once again, the bar has been raised.

The next issue discussed was how to stay connected with each other. With mustangconsultants living and working all around the world, we need a digital location to collaborate and stay connected. Hence, the founding of this blog and the entire website. This is a place for all of our audiences to learn a little bit more about our team and keep up to date with our activity. The blog specifically will allow for consultants to share relevant news and connect this information to our projects.

We have also developed a mustangconsulting LinkedIn page. This is one more place for the mustangconsulting team to stay connected and involved.

The day ended with a private party at Maggianos. We put business aside for the evening and were simply able to catch up with old friends. Beyond the work we develop for our clients, one of the most special parts of mustangconsulting is the relationships formed. After ten years, it almost seemed like no time had past. Dr. Dixon was very happy to have all of her “children” in the same spot.

We are excited about the future of mustangconsulting and you should be too!









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