9am to 9:50am Coffee and Networking (Hope Lobby, Meadows)

10am to 12pm Breakout sessions

10am Breakout Sessions (50 minutes)

  • John Holiday    Room 2020
  • Liz Blumberg   Room 1060

11am Breakout Sessions  (50 minutes)

  • John Holiday    Room 2020
  • Liz Blumberg   Room 1060

12pm Keynote: Lunch and coffee with John Holiday and Liz Blumberg  O’Donnell Lecture Hall

1pm Afternoon Keynote: Wildcatting in the Arts!Alecia Lawyer (O’Donnell Lecture Hall)

2pm Close w/ coffee and networking (same space as used immediately prior).   Hope Lobby

Breakout Sessions Topics 

John Holiday

Breakout Session: Who do you think you are?: “The session is about my journey and the things that helped me to navigate this path: how I created my own way.  My hope is that it’ll help others to see that no matter the environment from which they come, they too have the power to be whatever they choose to be.”

Liz Blumberg

Breakout Session: Being Social Media SavvyPersonal usage and branding, making smart decisions, social media in the work place

Afternoon Session Topic

Alecia Lawyer

Afternoon Keynote: Wildcatting in the Arts! :  Community specific, economically-viable, arts building.  How to succeed in the arts without waiting for someone to retire.